Transformational Sales Role

Represent inspiring leaders creating positive impact in the world. Have meaningful ‘conversations for change’ and guide people to their own personal transformation and evolution.


Benefits Of Joining Our Team

Operate from your chosen environment
Decide on your times and availability
Choose your earning level
Tap into ever evolving and progressive training
Meet some of the most inspiring leaders and change-makers on our planet today
Represent only the people you're most aligned with
Have conversations about topics you're most passionate about
Connect and positively influence other human-beings who're seeking their own evolution
Experience the gratitude of seeing the personal difference you've made either directly from your conversation or after they have completed their retreat
Join a vibrant team and community and enjoy the support, connections and friendships that naturally happen
Add value to the team by sharing your passions, training and wisdom
Lead your own teams and campaigns
BONUS: Get discounted and in some cases free access to trainings, programs or retreats offered by our clients
BONUS: Team and campaign specific fun gifts and get togethers

What Our Team Are Saying

Deb King


I really appreciate you taking the time to write the wonderful Linked in recommendation and posting it for me And your belief in me And your love and support And the opportunities to play with you…
You are awesome!
Got so much love for ya!

Sandy Simmons

I’ve converted 8 out of 40 for Tyler

Well, I just realised I’ve converted 8 out of 40 for Tyler, so far looking for 25% As you know I already have my products worked out with prices, so it shouldn’t be too hard now after this last 2 weeks… can’t thank you enough – The Teacher arrives when the Student is ready!

Nanna’s Moving up a few notches…

Nick Cullen

Thank to John and Scotty for such an incredible setup, training, and support

I’ve really enjoyed this experience. I didn’t think for a second coming on that I could actually enjoy a sales campaign so much, which is a testament to John and Scotty for such an incredible setup, training, and support.

What Our Clients Say


    An Un-Enlightened Spiritual Teacher

    We did 70 sales to our 5 day retreat in 2 weeks

    I owe you more than lunch… Over 600 applications 58% conversion rate and over $300k+ in 2 weeks. Lets happy up next week

    All because of you!

    Thank You!


    Health Revolutionist

    We’ve sold like $200,000 in just a couple of little competitions

    “Not only are people loving this and having connection, they’re also buying into programs.
    Working with these guys has been fantastic, I highly recommend working with these guys.

    Definitely a good team to work with, it’s just been easy flowing and a lot of fun.”

  • Christopher M Duncan

    Co-Founder – PointB Education

    We did well over 6 figures in just 2 weeks!

    I’ve build multiple million dollar online companies and have tried many campaigns and strategies, and this one stands out… We did well over 6 figures in just 2 weeks

    This System was John Abbott’s Giving Model. Please don’t go and learn it, I want to keep it to myself

  • Daniel Wagner

    Communications Director The Journey

    Not only did we generate almost €100,000

    We created a model that we can run once or twice a year with John and his team and I look forward to all the things we are going to be doing together..