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Welcome to InSpiral, a boutique, highly effective marketing and sales agency that primarily delivers the Giving Model, high converting sales funnels to impact-oriented clients.


Inspiral Partners with Clients Who..

Are recognised speakers or thought leaders in their niche
Offer a proven product, service or transformational programs
Have a thriving engaged audience/community and reputation for delivering great value
Offer at least one, “in demand” product suite that positively impacts humanity
Have an effective operating team or partnerships with others running their business
Are fun to be around, easy for us to work with and genuinely care for people
Creating a positive change and contributing to their community in extraordinary ways


Our Unique Approach

If you are a speaker, trainer, or change-maker with an incredible message, or a life changing system that needs to be shared with more people, then you’re clear how important it is to become more effective in leveraging your efforts and enrolling more people.

What if I told you that you can consistently add 30-40% more revenue and new clients, after your live intro events?
Or that you can sell you high ticket programs during online events, and convert at a similar rate as live, if not higher?
Or that you can simply run an online promotion to your current database or social media audience who already love you, and consistently achieve $100,000+ in sales.

This is the promise of the Giving Model, and after 10 years of trying and testing as many variations of different campaigns as we could, we can now say, hand on heart, that the models work extraordinarily well for the speaker industry across many niches like, Health, Lifestyle, Business, Marketing, Podcasting, Writing, Wealth, Personal Development, Healing, Retreats, Travel, Yoga, Training, Coaching, Licencing, Certification and many others.

And it’s because we gamify the front end, create an emotional connection to the offer and then humanitize the backend. I promise you this, you’ll always achieve greater results, once you have your prospect connected to their purpose and engaged in an inspiring, one-on-one conversation. And through conversation, you’ll be able to qualify and invite a better quality of participant, guide them better to what will serve them best, and in the process, you’ll get to learn so much more about them than ever before.

That’s why the GIVING MODEL works and why it’s an important component of our service.

Rippling Impact in the Lives of People Who Need it the Most

Just doing this work is not enough, it’s what we do as a result of this work that really matters. The consciously integrated and inspiring ripple effects, we as entrepreneurs, can effect on individuals, communities and environments is what drives us.

B1G1 is an organisation that facilitates change through micro impacts and we are proud ambassadors of the GIVING BUSINESS.

Small giving impacts are built into our campaigns, so that every transaction we make, automatically has a built in cause. It’s called transactional giving, rather than the old percentage of profit model. Don’t wait to give, give first, by building it in, it’s that simple, and we can all do it.

This is the power of small, the power of entrepreneurship and the power we have to create change.

What Our Clients Say


    International Best-Selling Author & Creator of Sage Business School, Ultimate Self Mastery, and the Elite Mentorship Forum

    John Abbott is somebody I recommend 1000%

    “John Abbott and his team are not trying to sell products. They are bringing transformation and value to people’s lives…His level of consciousness is completely different to the average sales guy or girl out there.

    It’s rare you have someone at that level of ethics, that level of integrity, and that level of commitment to serving the people they speak to.”


    Health Revolutionist

    We’ve sold like $200,000 in just a couple of little competitions

    “Not only are people loving this and having connection, they’re also buying into programs.
    Working with these guys has been fantastic, I highly recommend working with these guys.

    Definitely a good team to work with, it’s just been easy flowing and a lot of fun.”


    Healer, Author, Speaker

    The results have absolutely been fantastic!

    “We ended up running 1 day and 3 day programs which were incredibly successful…The first one we ever did sold out…

    Working with this team is like a dream.”


    An Un-Enlightened Spiritual Teacher

    We did 70 sales to our 5 day retreat in 2 weeks

    I owe you more than lunch… Over 600 applications 58% conversion rate and over $300k+ in 2 weeks. Lets happy up next week

    All because of you!

    Thank You!

  • Daniel Wagner

    Communications Director The Journey

    Not only did we generate almost €100,000

    We created a model that we can run once or twice a year with John and his team and I look forward to all the things we are going to be doing together..

  • Christopher M Duncan

    Co-Founder – PointB Education

    We did well over 6 figures in just 2 weeks!

    I’ve build multiple million dollar online companies and have tried many campaigns and strategies, and this one stands out… We did well over 6 figures in just 2 weeks

    This System was John Abbott’s Giving Model. Please don’t go and learn it, I want to keep it to myself

Brandon Bays

John and his team have been amazing.

We ended up with a really really great result, I’m really happy with what we achieved in the first year with John. We’re committed to doing more this year, we have multiple projects lined up, and our experience was really good.

The Journey

Roger Hamilton

Generates consistently 6 to 7 figures in each campaign

Roger Hamilton continues to use the Giving Model strategy, and has done so at least a dozen times in his business over the past 5 years and generates consistently 5 to 6 figures in these campaigns.

John Abbott created the Giving Model and sold iLab, WD Academy and Masters over a 4 year period for Roger.

Futurist and Social Entrepreneur

Rachelle Star-Tolman

Couldn’t recommend John and his amazing team more, they have helped us dramatically over the years to reach more people with our health retreats and programs

Angel of Influence

Joanne Fedler

Thank you John and Estela, I couldn’t have done without you. Great campaign with 74 sales and $125,000 in revenue.

Dr. Joanna C. Martin

“We made additional sales and it has been great as it created a ‘deadline’ for people who had previously expressed interest and give them a reason to make a decision”

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